10 interesting facts about monkeys you never knew


Monkeys are naughty and interesting creatures, who love to play around the people and other animals. There are many funny interesting facts about monkeys you never know. They are curious as well as wild animals. They consider being one of the most famous types of unusual pets. Even though, it is ill legal to keep them as a pet in many areas. Some of them have been trained to provide help and companionship for people that have numerous types of disabilities.

10: Around 260 different monkey species living worldwide


There are around 260 multiple types of monkeys found on the planet today. They are derived from primary monkeys that have been around for many years. There isn’t sufficient data about their exact evaluation that how they came. These monkeys have different ranges in size from just around 4 ounces to those that weigh as much as 77 pounds. Almost they exist from more than 50 million years ago.

The Monkey is an extremely adaptable creature so they do well in different variations of the environment. They can live in the trees or on the ground depending upon the specific species. They can also consume a wide variety of different foods. For most species like to eat fruits, the majority of mostly monkeys’ diet. Many of them also consume insects.

09: Chimpanzees also use tools after humans


In one of the interesting facts about monkeys, Chimpanzees the major species of monkeys are human’s close living relatives, and they learned easily how to make and use tools without human help. Almost 4,300 years ago stone hammers found at a chimp settlement in the Ivory Coast. They can make spears to hunt other primates for meat and are famous to have developed specialized tool kits for foraging army ants.

08: The largest monkey in the world

the largest monkey in the world

Mandrill considers as the largest monkey species in the world. Interesting facts about monkeys are that it is not only the major monkey but also the tallest monkey approximately with a shoulder height of over 50 cm. Rendering about its weight measurement, it is famous for the weightiest monkey in all over the world with an average weight of over 50 kg. it is not only the largest species of monkeys but also it is perhaps the most colorful monkey as well. So, there are a lot of discretions associated with its name. Mandrills are found in the humid forests and rarely found in the woodlands of southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo. They are also living in tropical rainforests, colonnade woodlands that are close to Savanna and its mosaics.

07: Monkeys life span


Life span is also another interesting factor about monkeys. It is around 10-50 years, depending upon the numerous specific species. Monkeys that are living in wildlife have shorter life expectancies because of diseases and different components. The white-colored capuchin, otherwise called the white-headed capuchin or the white-throated capuchin, commonly lives somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 years in the wild, where it lives in troops of around 20 monkeys.

06: Males and females are physically different

Males and females are physically different

The Vervet monkey shows sexual dimorphism in that the male monkeys are bigger and heavier than the females. Interesting facts about monkeys is that males and females both are physically different. The normal male monkeys are almost 12 pounds, has a body length of 17 – 25 inches and a tail length of 20 – 28 inches in length. The normal female gauges 9 pounds with a body length of 12 – 20 inches and a shorter tail. The male has strikingly shaded private parts; their scrotum is a splendid blue. Both genders have long arms that are near the length of their legs and stroll down on the ground. Vervet monkeys invest the majority of their energy in trees however head to the ground to the quest for food.

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05: Males leave the group when they reach maturity


Vervet, the major species of monkeys live in different groups ranging in size from 10-70 members in each group. Interesting facts about monkeys is that when a male reaches maturity level, they get separated from their group and move to an adjacent tribe. This migration often happens with two brothers leaving, which is supposed to be for protection from the new group’s members. But, female monkeys stay within their group from birth.

04: Mandrill monkeys have teeth that are longer than a lion’s teeth


One of the interesting and amazing facts of monkeys is that Mandrill monkeys have large teeth that are longer than a lion’s teeth. The main monkey in space was called named Albert; The female bug monkey has the longest tail; The male howler monkey is extremely noisy in truth is perhaps the most intense creature on the planet; There are no monkeys in Antarctica; Monkeys can live for somewhere in the range of 10-50 years.

03: Not such a fun fact about monkeys


In 1967, scientists researched that one of the types of Vervet monkeys in Marburg, Germany exposed to what is now called Marburg or Vervet Monkey disease. This hemorrhagic virus infected 25 labors. This deadly virus reasons for skin ruptures, diarrhea, high fever, body pain, and headache and it may lead to hemorrhage and death. Seven of the researchers during research died after bleeding out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can test for this viral disease. Since 1975, it has been prohibiting import monkeys for any use other than research.

02: Capuchin monkeys are the most intelligent breed


Capuchin monkeys are also termed as “Sapajou”. It is common in Central and South American monkey that found in tropical woodlands from Nicaragua to Paraguay. Capuchins consider among the most intelligent breed of the New World monkeys generation. They got a name for their “caps” of hair, which resemble the covers of Capuchin monks. Mostly these monkeys look like round-head with fully haired prehensile tails and opposable thumbs. The body is between 30–55 cm long, with a tail of about the same length. Its Color ranges are different from pale to dark brown or black, with white facial patterns in some of the four species.

01: Apes are not monkeying


It is also one of the interesting facts about monkeys is that apes are not monkeys but they consider to be monkeys. Both apes and monkeys belong to the family of monkeys, which means they share common features with other primates, such as forward-facing eyes, highly flexible limbs, and dexterous fingers. Apes and monkeys share mystifying resemblances include their facial features and a presence of short, dense hair covering their entire bodies, except for the face. The most unique physical change between the ape and the monkey is the presence of a tail. There is also a difference in their life existence on earth. Regarding intelligent competences, the apes are superior to monkeys, exhibiting they have higher cognitive skills and a more complex social-behavioral system.