10 Most Dangerous Railway Tracks in the World


Respectively train travel is different and enduring. The common type of passage people prefer is usually a train journey throughout the world. Fascinating routes are great for memorable purposes, artistic circumstances, a landscape so on. Nevertheless, there are some tracks that are dangerous and can feel you amazed. Such rides are available all over the world. You will find the top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the article.

10. Death Railway: Thailand


Here train runs within the borders of Burma. The second name of the track is called Death Railway. This track is dangerous because of its immense elevation mountain paths, thick forest region all around that gives a horrifying look. Nonetheless, a large number of people died while it’s manufacturing, so it is given a name as Death Railway. Hence, this track is one of the most dangerous railway track in the world overhead the Kwai River.

09. India: Chennai Route


This map is mounted above the sea level to get access to the Island of Southern India. The passenger introduces the Pamban Bridge that describes the tough working and success of Engineering. One of the amazing experiences while passing from the bridge is the splash of water on your face in specific seasons. One must travel through this amazing but one of the dangerous railway routes in the world.

08. South Africa: Outeniqua


This route comprises numerous fascinating scenes that consist of ranges of roads and meadows. But keeping the thrilling view at the side it is one of the dangerous railway track in the world. Meanwhile, it is more secured as well. The majority of people love to take this adventurous ride once in their lifetime. The most dangerous route of this railway track is the moment when it rushes over the Kaaiman’s bridge.

08. Argentina: Salta


It builds an association within Salta(Argentina) and Polvorillo(Chile). It covers almost 2118 km long route and it was started in 1948. The completed construction is frame 4200 m overhead the sea that gives the feeling of moving through clouds. The train is comprised of a first aid portion, a dining cart, a bar cart, and three-passenger carts included the rooms for 175 passengers.

06. Alaska’s White Pass


This dangerous railway track in the world is certainly loaded with ridges and mountains. You can imagine that it is one of the peak trains throughout the world. whereas it was created in the conclusion of the 19th era. While the railway route is supposed to adhere to the bottom of the mountain. Now it is known as the tourist train for mysterious pathways.

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05. Colorado Loop Railroad


This railroad route was originally established for moving supplies and individuals. After achieving a license for authentic mining, this dangerous railway track has an entrance of the silver mines. This track was originally established for conveying elements and individuals. This track encompasses a remarkable 100 meters high platform. Because of its immense height, it is named as Devil’s Gate.

04. Indonesia: Argo Gede


This dangerous railway tracks in the world runs from Jakarta to Bandung. Amazing it’s an entirety of 180 minutes ride. It constrains its passage above the sky-high. Travelers can view extensive and mysterious tropical channels. The thrilling accident of the Argo Gede railway route held in 2002 wherever a train got crashed. Other than that, when the train runs within this connection, it undergoes in dead pace acceleration as if more electric faster than that can disturb the bridge.

03.Japan: Aso Minami


This is one of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world to traverse within the route. While this track takes place through the volcanic region. Whereas, you may never know when the subsequent explosion may occur. One can see the lava burnt forest close to the tack.

02.Australia: Kuranda Railroad


The Independent Kuranda Railway Routeis a thrilling adventure. While involving unequaled landscapes of thick forest, sheer valleys and scenic cascades inside the National Park. Moreover, holding one with the rainforest. As you offer an exceptional range is what makes Kuranda Scenic Railway such a memorable experience. Because of its peak height and views, it is enlisted as one of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world.

01. Devil’s Nose Train


Its route is thrilling so the country voluntarily describes the train as (devil). While this dangerous route is located in the Andes Mountains. Most amazingly it height is 9000ft higher than ordinary sea level. Whereas, the elevation guarantee gives you the goosebumps while crossing. It comprises mountains, steep sides, and sharp curves. All to be wrapped in an antique train on a more classical railway track.