10 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World


Now, this world in which we are living is overloaded with magnificent and beautiful buildings in the world. Sometimes pictures cannot do justice with the magnificent structures. There are ample beautiful buildings in the world that draw attention to its spectators. Now I am going to talk about 10 of them.

10: Neuschwanstein Castle


Neuschwanstein Castle built on a rocky hill above the Hohenschwangau village in Southwest Bavaria, Germany. Ludwig II specially made this castle for Richard Wagner. He compensated for the castle out of his private expenses and employing extensive borrowing rather than Bavarian general finances. It was the personal shelter of the reclusive king, but after the death of the king in 1886. It instantaneously opened for the general public. Since 1886 approximately 61 million people have visited this castle. According to estimation, almost 1.3 million people visit to see this castle yearly and 6000 individuals per day. It considers as one of the beautiful buildings in the world.

9: The Palace of Versailles


In 1682, the palace of Versailles was a major royal residence of France. According to French, it is Château de Versailles. When this palace built, Versailles was a country village but now it is a prosperous masterpiece of Paris. From 1682, the courtyard of the palace was the hub of the political power of France. When Louis XIV returned from Paris and the royal family moved to the capital in 1789 at the beginning of the French Revolution. It was popular not only as a building but also as a mark of the complete system of the monarchy of the ancient rule. Since 1995 French state has owned this palace and now is well known as the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles. It counts in beautiful buildings in the world.

8: Hearst Tower


Hearst tower in New York City marks as the most beautiful building in the world. It is the building for the world headquarters of Hearst Communications. In 1928 it completed at the cost of 2 billion dollars. Initially, it constructed as the foundation for skyscraper but because of the Great Depression, it postponed and built almost after 8 years. The amazing thing about its west 57th street has an extremely beautiful close-up. In 2006, this building got an Emporis Skyscraper Award in the world.

7: Tiger’s Nest Monastery


Insecurely it situated on a rock extension at some 2,600 feet above the Paro Valley which is also about 7,000 feet above sea level. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is an incredible scene. From 1692, the complex building built around a cave where the Indian Guru Rinpoche meditated in the 8th century. This isolated agglomeration with rock formation and man-made monastery is one of Bhutan’s most holy shrines and marked also in beautiful buildings.

6: Catherine Palace


Catherine’s palace is placed in the town of Tsarskoye Selo at almost far 30 km south of St. Petersburg in Russia. In 1717, this building created when Catherine I hired German architect Johan Friedrich to build a summer palace for her gratification. It expanded in 1743 but in 1756 by the order of Empress Elizabeth, demolished the old outdated palace and constructed it again. It considers as the addition of the splendid and beautiful building by Elizabeth’s wealth and Catherine’s glory.

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5: Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab, a five-star lavish hotel placed in the city of Dubai. It is famous for one of the tallest and beautiful hotels in the world. It stands on an artificial island of Jumeirah beach. Its construction started in 1994 and completed in 1999. Almost two billion dollars spent on its construction. Tom Wright made a designated it, afterward South African manufacture freelancer Murray and Roberts built this hotel and finally it opened for the general public in December 1999.

4: The Hungarian Parliament


The Hungarian Parliament building, known as the house of the country. It counts in beautiful buildings in the world. It situates on the Kossuth Square eastern bank of Danube. Hungarian parliament designed it according to the Gothic style and opened in 1902. It has a symmetric dome that resembles Renaissance Revival architecture. It has four floors with a total area is 18000m sq. Since completion of its construction, it called the largest and beautiful building in Hungary.

3: Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal called as crown of the palace. It is the most beautiful buildings in the world. It made with ivory-white marble and mausoleum in the Indian city of Agra. In 1632 it built according to the instructions of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, as for the tomb of his favorite wife Mumtaz. It will always remain a symbol of a subcontinent rich history. That’s why called the masterpiece of Mughal architectures. It is the good blending of Islamic, Persian, and Turkish and Indian architectural styles.

2: Great Mosque, Djenne, Mali


Great Mosque, Djenne, Mali considered a magnificent and beautiful mosque. Firstly it completed in 1907 by the styles of Sudano Sahelians who specially used mud instead of marbles. This mosque is located in Djenne Mali on the plains of the Bani River. Afterward, in 1988 the World heritage site redesigned it. It is one of the most famous mosques in Africa, has three minarets restraining 16 meters in height. It marks as most beautiful buildings in the world.

1: Faisal Mosque


Faisal mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is located in the base of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. This mosque has magnificent features with a modern layout consisting of 8 sights of the concrete shell. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Pakistan and referred to the as influential quality of Islamic architecture. Its construction began in 1976, king Faisal granted 120 million dollars for it that’s why it’s named after him. Faisal mosque’s interesting thing is that it has a shape like a Bedouin tent, unlike the typical dome. It is now the 4th biggest mosque in terms of capacity.